Dragon Age: I Get It Now

One of the diamonds in my pile has been the original Dragon Age, which I finally got around to playing. It’s a fantastic game, and there’s really nothing I can add to the years of praise that have been lapped onto the classic. My only criticism it to myself for not playing it sooner.

I put in roughly fourteen hours into the title, enough to know it worthy of being finished, and replayed again to see how the decisions I make shape the world around me. But I am not because the game never really grabbed me the way other titles have after the same amount of playthrough. I game in marathons of usually 5-7 hours 2-3 times a week with twelve hour work days in between. Such a lapse is a killer to many a worthy title. After a break like that, if I am not sneaking out of bed at night, or waking up early on my gaming days to get a few more hours out of it, then I find myself scrolling through my title list looking for something that will.

Perhaps I’m not looking for an experience, but an obsession.

Time Played: 14 hours.

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