Nibbling on the Pile of Shame

If you’ve been around games long enough, or consider yourself a “gamer,” you have one. The dreaded Pile of Shame. The dozens of titles sitting in cases on your shelf or taking up space in your computer. “I’ll get to them eventually.” If you’re like me and are a sucker for Humble Bundles or the seasonal Steam sales, the unplayed may even outnumber the played. This is my attempt to flip that ratio.

Starting a new game can be surprisingly difficult for me. After a long day of work it’s easier to just start Civ V for the millionth time, or soak some more useless hours building settlements in Fallout 4. Learning a new game means learning something, and even for an activity as low-energy as gaming that means firing up the last remaining brain cells that survived the onslaught of cheap vodka and the food at Denny’s through high school and college. And this says nothing about the possibility that I may actually like said new game, which means I become addicted to it, which means the moments in my life that are not spent playing are moments I want to choke somebody.

But I bought all these. I need to play through them. Not install, then let rot on my hard drive, play through them. Which brings me to a follow-up question; what does it mean to finish a game? In order to get through all these titles, I’m going to need some rules. So this is what I’ve decided for my sanity.

  1. I’m going to play these in any order I want, so long as I am constantly playing something. This allows for a variety of genres and lessens the chance of burnout.
  2. I’ll give myself a two-hour limit to decide if the game I’m playing is worth continuing. I’ve never been the type of person that feels the need to discover every inch of virtual space to feel I got my money’s worth. Especially if a healthy amount of games were included in bundles that I had no intention of buying separately.
  3. After the two hours, or anytime after that I feel the game is no longer interesting, or I finish it, I will mark the game as complete on my Steam Pile of Shame page.

Game on.

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